q&a mofos

ilang araw naman po inabot bago mo nakuha yung order mo? 

3 days hahahaaha

Has your doctor prescribed you birth control pills for your acne? Cause mine did and it really helped a lot

no.. i dont think they’ll do it here in japan hahaahahahha

ate bukod sa cost price at shipping fee nung penny, ano pa po iba mong binayaran?

I did cash on delivery so I paid 300 yen for the handling fee, that’s all. My shipping was free so woohoo

are you gonna study in Philippines? :O


Wow so you’re going back to the phils for good?


You’ve really lost weight! That’s why you really motivate me to stay fit and sexaaay (cause you are) Can you share your dieting tips or fitness and worki out routine and the like? I’m really dying to lose weight but it’s too hard to keep on the track :( It’s easy for me to start but hard to continue. Im so having a hard time disciplining myself. What can you advice? :(

tbh i don’t do anything facy haha! i’m still lazy and i eat whatever i want lol. I’m not even skinny.. haha! The thing is, I think I lost weight cause I changed my diet. I used to play sports back then but even if we had training 3x a day and 7x a week, I couldn’t lose weight cause I was eating like a pig. I didn’t change my diet in a day and expected it to stay for the long run, so don’t do that! At the end of December, I started cutting chocolate off my diet. I used to eat it everyday.. lol. Then mid January, I started coloring my plate ‘til February when I only ate salads and vegetable juice for lunch. If I feel like eating dessert, I eat yogurt or fruits instead. The next step I did was to ditch rice for breakfast and change it to something healthier, like oatmeal/cereal + soy milk and fruits. And then I only eat light meals for dinner, no pasta/rice. For snacks, I munch on soy bars when I get hungry. Take note, I still eat fast food, pizza, cake, etc. while doing this “diet”.. but I keep it on moderation. I went to the gym 3x a week. I did cardio for an hour more or less, before doing pilates. If you try to lose weight by depriving yourself from food, all that weight you lost will bounce back 5x more. My biggest tip is to be aware of the things you eat. If you know that it’s junk, ditch it! Opt for healthier choices, and reward yourself when you feel like you deserve it!

I’m sad, too. Let’s be sad together :- (

i dont like being sad w other people hahaha

i miss your pink and parpol hair its so adorable ibalik mo pls ang ganda mo foreves huhu 

guys di pa ba kayo nakakaget over jan… thats so 2012 HAHAHAHA! 

Is that acne on your chest or rashes? I have kasi and I wanted to ask how you treat yours. I also have on my back.

It’s acne.. mild CYSTIC ACNE goddamn. The ones on my chest have been in there since 2012 i think… they don’t go away!! ;__; I drink antibiotics, hormone-balancing pills, then I also have two types of topical meds. My back has pretty much cleared up, i’m just trying to fade the hyper pigmentation marks. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO MEEEEEHHHHH

Breakfast at Antonio’s, Tagaytay

April 1, 2014

Had lunch in Breakfast at Antonio’s with the family. We always dine at Sonya’s Garden, so we decided to try out a new place. Tagaytay has always been our favorite hangout place ever since I was a kid. Our family’s very chill so our ideal day would be a good long, traffic-free driving and good food.