The magical unicorn piss that is online shopping in Japan.

Hello hello konnichiwa! I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping in here lately but I don’t own a credit card. That was a problem until I did a little research and discovered a few other methods of payment here! Such a heaven sent for online shoppers like me who don’t have the luxury(or the self control) to get a credit card. 

COD or Cash on Delivery 

If you try shopping in or other online shops that offer this method, you will be able to pay the total amount once the items are delivered to your doorstep. This is the most convenient of all methods in my opinion, you won’t even need to step out of the house to pay! The Ta-Q-Bin will contact you before delivering the package to ensure that the payment will be received. This is perfect for the laziest of the lazies. Most of the time, you’ll only need to pay little for the shipping or the commission(since the Ta-Q-Bin will be delivering it to your doorstep without any payment). 

Me and my mom ordered these from Amazon. We got them from three different shops so the packaging was separated, but they were all delivered at the same day. I finally have Morange, the perfect bright orange lipstick! Can’t wait to wear this for spring/summer/autmun/winter(HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA). Shy Girl is for my mom, she said that she’ll agree to pay if I recommend her a good nude lipstick, of course I picked a color that I wanna wear too(thanks beauty gurus from YT). Haha!

They arrived 2 days after finalizing the order. I know! 

Convenience Stores/コンビにで払う  

Yes, you can actually pay in convenience stores! In the check out page, you can choose from the different convenience stores available. In my case, I chose Family Mart because that’s the nearest to my school. There will be a machine in the store like ファミポート(FamiPort) where you will be able to pay for online purchases such as plane and concert tickets. Once you complete the order, the online shop will be sending you 2 codes in your email that are needed for you to be able to complete the purchase.

This is the tricky part for people who don’t know how to read Kanji cause some machines don’t have English options, but just search of the word harau or 払う then click the ‘kantan' option. It's hard to explain but that's the easiest way I can teach it! Haha. Enter the shop code, I think it's either 20020 or 30030. Then another code that starts with 8 that will determine your order number. Touch OK and a piece of paper will come out. You need to bring that to the cashier and pay for it, get the receipt and you're done! The online shop will automatically be informed that you paid already. 

I ordered a pair of Korean circle lenses with a prescription cause they’re cheaper than the ones made here in Japan. I don’t know why, but I’ve been digging the natural dolly look lately! I also wanted a pair of lenses that look scary big but still simple enough for me to wear to high school(naks). My total was 3,205 yen cause I bought from a different site but the lenses are still the same. 

Nothing’s gonna stop us now. 

- me to online shopping 

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