MGMT at Studio Coast, Tokyo 2014

I LOVE MGMT and I couldn’t miss their Japan tour even if it means that I had to go alone. Studio Coast is a big club where the first floor is for the standing area and a second floor that has seats. The tickets didn’t really have any order so you can just sneak to the front if you’re thick skinned enough, which is what I did. 

The Japanese indie crowd is CRAZY, although It’d be more fun if they actually knew the lyrics cause I did and I was SINGING MY LUNGS OUT. I watched MGMT’s old live vids and to be honest, I thought they sucked. But I was really impressed last night, and the people also commented that they got better than before. 

The crowd went crazy when famous songs started playing, like Electric Feel and Time To Pretend. When Kids was playing, everyone started to sing pa pa pa pa paaaraaaraaapaaaapaaaaaaaaaaaa and jump in sync. And even if you didn’t move, you’d still jump cause the crowd will carry you up. It was beautiful. HAHAHA! They came back for an encore with the song Your Life Is A Lie. 

Yes, I have a BAD case of PCD and i’m thinking about seeing FOB after what I experienced last night. 

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